All in One Polish

High Gloss Sealant Glaze

Cleaner/ Protectant

Klasse Vinyl, Leather, Rubber & Plastic Cleaner/Protectant quickly and easily cleans, restores, and protects interior and exterior surfaces.  Use it on rubber, plastic, leather, and vinyl to restore the original beauty of the surface.  One simple application leaves a semi-gloss, non-greasy sheen that protects the surface from UV rays for up to three months.  Faded and dull vinyl, rubber, plastic, and leather surfaces will be restored and protected in one step.  Klasse Vinyl, Leather, Rubber & Plastic Cleaner/Protectant prevents brittleness, fading, and cracking while improving the overall look of the vehicle.

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The numbers found on the back of Klasse products are not expiration dates. Born on dates, manufacturer reference numbers and batch numbers must be placed on car care products per the California Air Resources Board. Klasse products do not expire. For best performance, store the products away from extreme heat or cold.